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Julie Drohan
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United States
I want to work at Nickelodeon and publish a camik : 3

Until then, I'm just fine-tuning the plot for the comic and working fast food till I can get a REAL job. (AAAART.)


"Be a finisher; the world's full of starters" -Some random person I can't remember

"Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen."
-Robert Bresson

Commission Info - - NOT OPEN RIGHT NOW

Devi Bros:
:iconf4th0mable: :iconacrinn45:
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RL Best Fwends
:iconmaikeruthedude: :iconsirmurphyslaw:
I waited until after they gave me the badge to change the journal title <U<

Who doesn't love talking about themselves? RIGHT??! DA annually gives us an excuse to, so here I am ;)
Also, when I answer these questions I talk about people I ONLY know about through DA, and excludes RL people I interact with =3

How long have you been on DA?

Two years. I would have joined in 2007 but I wanted to see if I could get any followers on a free-domain-hosted site just for funsies. I was actually fairly successful and most of those old watchers insisted I move here and finally in college I did. (I mainly moved because I was using too much bandwidth on freewebs and it seemed way more practical). Here's that ancient site; posted specifically because I've been told people get nostalgic visiting it C:  (It looks different because in 9 years sites tend to update and force you to switch templates)

What does your username mean?

Funny story! In college, my roommate MBrainspaz  AKA Blue Dawg and I were figuring out our "gangster names" which apparently was your favorite color then your favorite animal. At the time I couldn't decide what my favorite color was so I picked "the spectrum" and also "fox." When I moved to DA, however, "spectrumfox" was already taken so I switched to "elf" since foxes and elves are always paired in my head due to Josh and Alfa being my first serious characters C:

Describe yourself in three words 


(No, that's not it )^


Intuitive, animated, psychotic

Are you right or left handed?

This is such a boring question. Bad. BAD!!!!! right

What was your first deviation?

I see what you did there. You want me to become a core member so I can have the timeline and figure it out!! BUT INSTEAD, I'LL SEARCH THROUGH ALL MY OLD STUFF, SUCKER.

...Turns out that the last couple pages of my Scraps gallery (AKA tons of fanart dumps of Freewebs art) was uploaded on the first day I had DA. So here's the first arts uploaded that wasn't already on my old site:

Oh gosh, a Trigun parody

Not Wolfwood by Spectrumelf

Now that this is unearthed, Acer's going to murder me for drawing him with a smile. (At least it's a slasher smile)
I really did use to draw ears that huge. I didn't notice and nobody told me.

What is your favorite type of art to create?

This question is vague. Uh? I like doing pencil sketches and inking them with a marker-brush and then coloring them digitally. I like drawing when I'm happy because the drawings turn out more exuberant that way. I enjoy drawing action-y poses. I enjoy drawing elves (*cough* actually just humans with pointy ears/noses*). I enjoy creating art that makes people laugh or feel happy and sometimes I try to make people go "oooh that's bad@$$"

If you could instantly master a different art style, which would it be?

AGAIN WITH THE VAGUENESS. "Style"???? Medium? Am I overthinking this?? Lets just go with I wish I could ink awesomely.

What was your first favorite?

Oh gawsh. This guy herms85  use to draw more but now he mostly colors. I love when he draws and then colors his own art =)

TMNT by herms85

What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?

I use to ONLY fave stuff that has a brilliant concept AND execution in all departments. (Mostly very lively, colorful stuffs like this)
Sonic Hedgehog by herms85 I Summon You.... by SuperMacho Shine a little love by vaporotem Michelangelo by YankovskayaJulia IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 19 by BenBates Smile like a bear by super-tuler  Lackadaisy Lamplight by tracyjb

But now I favorite stuff mostly if it has a unique execution or something I could learn from :)

Who is your all-time favorite DA artist?

I'd have to say :iconsuper-tuler: - His sketches, concepts, colors, and EVERYTHING about his artwork is incredibly exuberant. One day I will actually have money and I will commission the heck out of him.

If you could meet anyone on DA in person, who would they be?

A lot of people!!! The ones I'm most likely to meet though are~

:iconf4th0mable: - One of my most ancient, pre-DA watchers is a very, very friendly and kind guy who has helped me through some recent hard emotional times and is always a pleasure to talk to :)

:iconacrinn45: - I've gotten to know him better through Fighting-Tournament (he also has helped me immensely with some hard struggles) and it seems like we'd have mega fun hanging out :) Plus his OC Orion is kiiiiiind of dating Kat x''''D

:iconelena114: - A very sweet girl and awesome artist and animator who sounds very fun to be around! She also has my back if I need it =D

I also feel like :iconlotsofmoon: and I could have some very lovely conversations about storytelling and form, and other abstract, fun, interesting stuff!  And I think :iconspunkytruffles: and I could cause lots of havoc >:3

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

No one has impacted it greatly but rather, casually- Fathom, Acrinn, and Elena are friendly people I know I can always talk to if I need to =)

What are your preferred tools to create art?

Mechanical pencil for sketches, brush-markers for inks, and Photoshop for colors!

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

Places don't really inspire me to create art, if that's what DA is asking? I'm most comfortable creating art completely alone. If I'm around people I'm too self-concious and I can't let pure ideas and thoughts flow to create. Other humans, no matter how nonintrusive, pull my brain back towards reality and I don't like that x'D (I can, however, do things on my laptop like color in Photoshop with people around; I sometimes sit at Taco Bell for hours on end coloring stuff digitally. Drowing peeps out with music helps too hehe).

What's your favorite DA memory?

My favorite collective memory is the first half of the Fighting-Tournament OCT. It was a fun time where the community was large and therefore active, characters were just starting to be explored, and the possibilites of awesome matchups abounded. Silly ideas were executed freely, there was little pressure, and I anticipated lots of exciting things.

There you have it, DA doing good things!

I'm glad we could take this break from the negativity of "I HATE CORE MEMBERSHIP" and "ARE YOU SAYING STEALING DIGITAL ART ISN'T STEALING?FDJLAKKDSFS" to be happy about a nifty art community =P

  • Mood: Dazed
  • Listening to: Kaskade Live @ Ultra
  • Reading: Sanik camiks
  • Watching: AtLA Book 2
  • Playing: After OCT ends I can actually play games again x'D
  • Eating: More :3
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew

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