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Julie Drohan
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United States
I want to work at Nickelodeon and publish a camik : 3

Until then, I'm just fine-tuning the plot for the comic and working fast food till I can get a REAL job. (AAAART.)

- Be a finisher; the world's full of starters -Some random person

Commission Info - - NOT OPEN RIGHT NOW
I'm only doin' it cuz someone who follows me closely tagged me and I've never done one lol
Also my song lyrics OWN YOURS

Name: Julie

B-day: May 31
Gender: F
Height: 5' 6.5"
Weight: .....Very underweight
Innie/Outie: What does this even mean you sillyhead??! Introverted?
Hair color: Sewer sludge dishwater blonde/brown (depends xD)
Eye color: Dark green
Occupation: Jimmy John's Night Manager and general slave by night, cartoonist by... more night.... ^^'

Do you...

Dance: .....I've only "danced" twice and meant it. And it was more like uncoordinated spazzing; luckily, those around me survived (but oh, did they stare.... >w>)
Like politics: In theory but not reality. I only care about the social justice aspect
Know how to use chopsticks: Nup
Like guys: Yesh, they are quite cute ^u^
Like girls: Ew no xP
Shave: ......................when I feel like it
Shower everyday: 2-3 times, because I'm always cold and warm water is warm :3
Have a dirty mind: Nu, though my mind "goes there" sometimes only because I interact with, y'know, THE REST OF HUMANITY
Like cuddling: Yes, it is my favorite OwO

Which do you prefer? Choice One/Two, both, or neither

Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi... because they also make Mountain Dew
Popcorn or Pizza: Pizza, only a fool would think otherwise (or the lactose intolerant..)
Day or Night: Night, where there are fewer people in public to hear the screams
Batman or Spiderman: I hate superheroes x[
Metal or Screamo: Metal, though I really don't listen to either
Goths or Emos: There's a diff? Don't kill me
Makeup or Accessories: Neither. In fact, my "purse" is a Fanboy and Chum Chum lunchbox.
Black or white: Black OuO
Heads or Tails: Tails
Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter: Super Smash Bros.
Alcohol or Drugs: Neither; I rather like controlling my brain and not having an addiction that hurts mah body
Journal or Diary: Neither
Fast or workout: I have no idea what this means....
Greeks or Romans: Greeks? Thanks, Percy Jackson?
Bed or Couch: Prefers bed, sleeps on couch (post-college much?)
Cake or Cookies: Cookies, which I must tell my minions to upsell every day at JJ's O^O
Strawberry or Cherry: Depends on the food or drink one is flavoring. LOVE both
Cartoons or Anime: Cartoons all the way I prefer not having constant fanservice and generally crappy animation
Internet or TV: Haven't watched TV in 5 years.... sooooo Interwebs
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
Pink or Yellow: This just reminds me of the SpongeBob ep where SB and Pat wear each other's color on their underwear...
Smile or Stoic: Depends on whether I'm spacing out
Dominant or Submissive: Is an oldest child, but must constantly be thwarted by bosses in life, so I switch
iPhone or Android: Neither I hate phones
Dive or Canon-ball: Cannon-destroy-everything-ball
Cats or Dogs: Cats o' course
Fantasy or Sci-Fi: Fantasy all da way

Would you:
Drink hot sauce: No
Eat a dog:
Adopt an orphan: No
Kill someone: No
Kiss a guy: Been there done that, it ain't that great
Kiss a girl: Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Get high: No
Get drunk: No
Leave the toilet lid up: No
Wear a maid outfit: No
Wear latex: Do latex gloves at work count? Because I just blow them up into balloon-gloves and draw faces on them

Short answers

Favorite lines from songs:

Hi, Friend! Hi, Friend! Hi, Friend! Hi, Friend!
     - Hi, Friend! by deadmau5

When the planets collide, stars in your eyes - All up in your mind, angel in disguise
    - Boss Mode by Knife Party

Newsflash, Newsflash:

They say robots are coming to tear us apart.
They'll be landing on Earth tomorrow.
So we better get a good head start.
No time to pack our things,
Take our bikes and ride for the setting sun.
As the city around us burns,
We'll be taking them on one by one.
We'll be taking them on one by one.

Mayday, Mayday:
A message to anyone still left alive.
Our defenses won't last much longer,
But to the end, we've put up a good fight.
No time for regrets now,
Grab a gun and get to the front line.
As the walls begin to crumble,
We'll be defending the planet with our lives!
We'll be defending the planet with our lives!
    - Death By Robot by Feed Me

(As a personal note, 95% of my songs don't have lyrics. The tunes speak for themselves ;3 )

Insults you have been called:

The last time I remember being insulted was in 7th grade when a dude called me a fweak (freak, with a speech impediment >:] ) Turns out, he liked me. Boys are weird.

Some of your goals:

Be self-sufficient
Leave a lasting impression on humanity, albeit a very small one probably in the form of publishing an art thing
Publish me graphic novel about Co-Worker Selfie! by Spectrumelf and Giving new meaning to Firefox by Spectrumelf 

Are you gay/bi/trans/pan/etc? If so, how did you become aware of it?

This is an odd question but whatevs. Asexual. I became aware because I kept being humiliated by my now-EX-fiance so I looked up why I was "broken". Turns out I wasn't YuY

Who do you want to answer these questions?

Nobody because none of my dA friends are the type who'd want to... except F4thom but he does these constantly but this one wasn't very special lol!
  • Mood: Zeal
  • Listening to: Skrillex's New Year Madison Square Garden mix
  • Watching: Nickelodeon TMNT, Teen Titans, Danny Phantom
  • Eating: I have discovered KFC is actually good >u>
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew

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