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Julie Drohan
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I want to work at Nickelodeon and publish a camik : 3

Until then, I'm just fine-tuning the plot for the comic and working fast food till I can get a REAL job. (AAAART.)


"Be a finisher; the world's full of starters" -Some random person I can't remember

"Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen."
-Robert Bresson

Commission Info - - NOT OPEN RIGHT NOW

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Moving in for the kill!!!!

:iconlotsofmoon: and :iconspirogs: and I are in the final round of Fighting-Tournament :la: (but one probably already knew that because of the round cover I made...) It'll be a one on one on one - this way we get a "choose your ending" effect by having three different ends to the tournament from three diff artists!

I'm pretty excited to have Wryn and Moon as opponents. Wryn because I now get to explore her attack range which I didn't get to do much in the last round, plus I now have emotional tension between her and Kat. Moon because this entire tournament her character has developed in the opposite direction Kat's has so it'll be awesome to see that juxtaposition now that they're both at the end. (i.e.,- Moon has become a bit more sensitized to society, emotions, and violence while Kat has become heavily desensitized and struggles to distinguish reality.)

My round will be an unconventional story-breaker (more like a story-fixer at this point, but semantics!) and I'm already done pencilling it. Unless something huge comes up like, I slice off part of a finger like last year, I'm fairly confident I'll be able to finish it on time (30 pages this round; the length of Round Three). More than anything I hope to create something that LoM and Spirogs will enjoy. They've worked sooper hard this past year and have overcome any obstacle thrown their way. Those two deserve as neato-torpedo a round as I can attempt to do. I will also say that after the tournament, regardless of who wins, I will be doing an epilogue for various reasons.

Additionally, I'm very thankful that the A-team has stuck around to the end of the tournament as well (please don't hit me for calling you that).
:iconanazen: and :iconacrinn45: have written tons of side-literature throughout the shebang and are still going strong with their stories, which they intend to finish! Makes the tourney's end feel a bit less lonely =) Both of them have recently written some lit that I consider buildup to my round:

For All the Reasons by Anazen happens directly after Part Two of my Medico comic and has to do with Lita's and Kat's internal battles with having to fight their own friends. Includes another mall trip as well as a mega-tirade by Lita! (I found the story rather touching.) Acrinn's By This Time Next Week happens a day or two after Anazen's story and begins the countdown to Orion and Kat's inevitable separation :'3 More OrioKat related stuff to come from Acrinn, watch him to catch it as it comes out :3

I dunno exactly what else-else I'm gonna do after the whole tourney is over - probably take a breather for starters and pick up more hours at work. Definitely going to need some encouragement if I want to start working on my own project again, but I have some excellent friends around for that thankfully! 

I'll also probably post a round preview soon :3

Edit - In addition to the A-team's stories, :iconblaze150: has also done some charming side-lit worth reading that helps build up to my round. (The story was written after Anazen had already written "For All the Reasons," so there's a small timeline-bump, but Blaze's story could have easily happened right before hers so it's all good.) His piece, New Moon, touches on Kat's self-hatred issues as well as her and Moon's light friendship. (It also includes a training session scene with Moon, which justifies her rad moves in my round!) So check it out :3
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I got to admit you did some nice art there maybe i could require as an artist for my comic book if you are interested in and good at it or maybe a illustrator.
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Thanks, but I'm looking to start my own project soon! =D
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