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Julie Drohan
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United States
I want to work at Nickelodeon and publish a camik : 3

Until then, I'm just fine-tuning the plot for the comic and working fast food till I can get a REAL job. (AAAART.)

"Be a finisher; the world's full of starters" -Some random person I can't remember

Commission Info - - NOT OPEN RIGHT NOW

My Devi Bros:
:iconf4th0m: :iconacrinn45:
Due to a profound lack of personal updates, besides Round 3 going ... slowly now, I'll go ahead and respond to Acrinn45 's journal tag. I tried to make the responses actually interesting so it won't be complete and utter torture if you decide to subject yourself to reading it.

10 Random Facts about yo'self

1. Throughout life, I've broken my right arm twice, my foot in three places once, had a spontaneous lung collapse for no reason, and chopped off the corner of my thumb in a meat slicer. (You're welcome for the image!)
2. Was voted prom queen in highschool but didn't want to go to prom so I told them to choose someone else (I have a reputation, people, and I don't dance B) )
3. I have a habit of psychoanalyzing people... a lot
4. Out of my 18+ years of drawing and creating I only have 2 female characters (not including my "self" character)
5. I came up with Kat's full name from a combination of a tattoo artist, a high-protein energy drink, and the latin word for "bound by honor"
6. I'm underweight and have a problem where I find taking time to eat being inefficient >u>'
7. My roommate and I are NOT addicted to Mountain Dew and we DON'T have 12-packs of 4 different flavors of it in our fridge
8. My weaknesses include staying connected to reality, being "too nice," and not being practical (I like shiny things too much).
9. I always hated text talk and emoticons (especially "lol") until boys I kept texting used it constantly and I picked it up, which I found funny.
10. Am the oldest out of 4 children; my sister drives me insane but I loooooooove my bros :3

Acrinn Q's

1. What's your artistic strength(s)?

Apparently, making charming characters x'D Also abstraction (which some people look down upon as drawings being simple or cartoony, and I like to think of it as getting rid of "unnecessary" details ;3 )

2. Artistic weaknesses?

The inability to draw anything... not-cute. I try, and it still ends up being cute >8[ Also I abhor backgrounds and inanimate objects and therefore get lazy with them. If I take too long rendering them I become disinterested and bored with drawing quickly. xP

3. What kind of art is your favorite? 

Cartoon-like art with readable emotion or personality, and just enough details to keep me staring at it but not too much to make me bored with it. I simply find rendering in too much detail too close to reality, and the real world is boring.

4. Favorite dessert?

Strawberry shortcake which nobody makes or serves EVER 8'<

5. Pants or shorts?

Well depends on the temperature, silly. Cargo pants = carry lots of things, Shorts = run around in circles feeling the breeze x'D

6. What's your favorite season and why?

UGH I LIKE ALL OF THEM though summer is least favorite because there's nothing special about it except that it's hot. In spring and fall everything is colorful (especially if you're from Colorado) and the temperature isn't in an extreme, and in winter everything is snowy (unless you're in Oklahoma >:[ ) and it feels nice to be indoors.

7. Warm colors or cool colors?
Warm colors

8. What is your dream?

To do what I love for a living, because now that you're an adult working is pretty much your life unfortunately so you may as well do something you like. If I weren't able to do the stuff I want like publish camiks, life just really wouldn't be worth living =/

9. Where do you want to be in 30 years?

Ummmmm that's too far ahead, I'll be like 52 x'D Maybe by that point in life I'll have enough money to fund other artists and help them accomplish their goals

10. If you ever became famous, would you use create a "stage name" for the public, or would you stick with your real name?

My last name is nearly impossible for people to pronounce, and my first name I find weird so I might go with a stage name x'D

I tag :iconf4th0m: and only you >:3  because I know you're addicted to journals and I want to be the enabler and

 I'm too lazy to come up with questions right now so reuse Acrinn's x'D
  • Mood: Zeal
  • Listening to: Skrillex's New Year Madison Square Garden mix
  • Watching: Nickelodeon TMNT, Teen Titans, Danny Phantom
  • Eating: I have discovered KFC is actually good >u>
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew

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I'm sorry, but I don't take requests anymore. I usually do commissions, but I'm not doing those at this time either because I've been busy with an Original Character Tournament =3
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