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Julie Drohan
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I want to work at Nickelodeon.

After or during that, I want to begin drawing my comic series "How to Take Down your New Democracy"

Until then, I'm just fine-tuning the plot for the comic and workin' fast food till I can get a REAL job. (AAAART.)

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Col 3:17 - And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Commissions are OPEN! Info:

I think I've said it before, and I'll say it again... :iconfighting-tournament: has really pushed me in the comic-making department. So far I've done a completely digital round and then a hybrid traditional drawing + digital color round back-to-back, and I've decided that for a long-term large-scale graphic novel, the latter method would probably be best. Digital-inking KILLS me time-wise, and it only looks slightly better in the end. (Which I, as a perfectionist, HAVE to ignore if I ever want to get anywhere <u< )

I also learned an entirely new yet very quick method of shading that not only looks pretty good but cuts down my coloring time. That being said, I feel like after the OCT is over I'll have the guts to start my actual graphic novel. (Of course, I'm trying to finalize the writing portion in the meantime, which is the real challenge.) That is, assuming I'm going to both draw AND color it, which I probably am, if I end up wanting it colored at all. (I have a growing appreciation for black and white comics.)

Anyways, since Kat has become the character I'm focused the most on right now, I also feel like it might be good practice to do a prequel TO the novel, which would probably be an 18-20 page story (Black Hill battle cough). This would be canon, but it wouldn't be such a huge deal if I didn't like it as much later on and felt like redoing it. I've realized how timid I am to start this thing, and I know it's because I'm a perfectionist and keep thinking "If I wait to do it, I'll be that much better when I start!" Now, though, I realize how much I learn just drawing more comics. Plus, finishing a complete comic book would encourage me to do more.

Also, there are a few books I've been rereading that, when I read, inspire me greatly to make the best comic I possibly can. Anyone who does comics needs to read Scott McCloud's Making Comics. I'm also inspired just reading random chapters of Jeff Smith's Bone. After reading that, I like reading Bone and Beyond, which interviews Jeff on how he started, what's going on in comics, etc. I feel like anybody who has a favorite comic, graphic novel, or whatever your jam is, really ought to read about the creators that produce them in order to learn from them and inspire you. I love may different artists and their comics too, but Bone's the one I feel I want mine to match the quality and depth of.


I've finally recovered financially from my thumb-corner-chopping-off incident and my wisdom-tooth-removal (ever since I entered that darn tournament I've been as injured as Kat <u< ) and gotten into the groove of making student loan payments. That being said, I'm finally ready to get uber-serious about saving up to move to L.A. I have a financial goal set and have gotten out of the depressed and lazy rut I was stuck in for a long time.

Not only that, but I've taken up a couple of night-manager shifts at JJ's for more money (which I'm finally getting the hang of) >u>  It's shown me how much it freaking SUCKS to be in charge, especially when you have employees who don't have much respect for you or others, and how a really good or really bad employee can literally make or break a night in terms of stress. It also shows me how other people often fail to think ahead, and that I actually am a pretty responsible and competent person who can also learn from their (many, many) mistakes. I feel like with enough experience I could eventually be a leader of a team, as long as I get to choose who's on the team - making me confident in the future if I ever needed to lead an art project, such as an animation, I could actually do quite well.
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  • Reading: The Best of Mutts - Patrick McDonell
  • Watching: Hey Arnold, Catdog, Danny Phantom
  • Playing: It's about time I played Dust again...
  • Eating: Not much
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew

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